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Finding Love Online – Daring to Trust

18 Sep , 2014  

After Amy’s divorce, she didn’t think she was capable of loving again. The final break up from her ex husband had drained her emotionally, that all she did after the divorce was focus on her job. When her son left for college, the feeling of loneliness started to slowly descend on her. She would come home in the evening to her empty house with nobody to talk to. Then one day, as she was talking to her brother on the phone, he suggested that she should get back into the dating world. At first, it sounded like a joke. She couldn’t possibly imagine meeting someone who can love her and weave back her broken pieces together.


Amy’s brother and his friend convinced her that there is a possibility of falling in love again if only she can put herself out there. This is how she ended up creating a profile for an online dating site. She needed someone who can understand her and give her the love that she was craving for.


It didn’t take long before she started getting responses from people who were interested in her. At first, she was apprehensive because of the many stories she had heard about the dangers of online dating. But she decided to give it a shot and respond to all the messages of interest she got. There was a man living in her neighborhood who wanted to meet, but she didn’t think they were a good match. What she was looking for was an easy going guy who can make her laugh and sustain her interest.


In less than two months of chatting and checking out other people’s profile, she was able to meet someone who captured her interest. He had a clear photo of himself, and he was fun to chat with. His name was Joe and even though he had never been married before, he was looking for a serious relationship. Amy was hooked. He sounded like a nice guy, and within a very short time, they were able to open up to each other, and crush the barriers of distance that was between them.


It didn’t take long before they moved their conversations to other social sites like Facebook and twitter. With that, she was able to see his interactions outside the online dating site, and engage him more. Then they started calling each other. With each call they made to each other, they could both feel themselves getting closer and closer. their phone calls lasted longer every time, until they both decided to jump in and meet.


For Amy, it was both exciting and scary. So many questions crossed her mind: “What if they don’t hit it off when they meet in person, what if things go wrong, what if…..”

They agreed to meet in a restaurant near her place of work. And the moment he shook her hands and smiled at her when they met, she knew they would make a great couple. By the time their first date was ending, they both felt like they had known each other forever. The connection was unbelievable.


One year down the line, after numerous dates and visits, they decided to get married. Joe told his friends during his bachelor’s party that he had been looking for love for many years, and he never thought that he would find the love of his life online. And that he is glad he dared to believe that love can be found everywhere; even online.


They always share their story with anyone who cares to listen, especially those who have a hard time believing and trusting online dating. “Love happens, you only have to believe, trust your instincts and put yourself out there.” That’s what they say about their love that was brewed online.

Relationship Advice

Online Dating Advice That Can Help You On the Path to Love

18 Sep , 2014  

Millions of people go online each day to try to find love at a click of the mouse. It is important to know the best techniques to online date in an effective manner. Many people stumble and become defeated because they do not know how to approach a relationship that is basically done anonymously at first. Here is some online dating advice.


Start with Being Honest on Your Dating Profile


Your online dating profile is basically your signature. This means that you have one chance to impress prospective dates. Now, the key to a successful profile is to be unique. A boring profile will yield you very few results. It is important to show your wit and charm by having content that will capture the attention of other site users early on. For example, people should consider adding a favorite quote or joke to their profile.


Do not make a profile that is too long. The first paragraph needs to pack a punch as the reader will skim through it very quickly to see if a potential love match could be possible. People often try to mislead people in order to attract more people to message them about their profile. This is a big mistake because it can get things off on the wrong foot.


Be Realistic and Take Things Slowly


Online dating should be approached in a realistic way. People can misrepresent themselves online. People tend to get attached quickly, it is important to take things slowly. Relationships take time. An online relationship is different because people are not face-to-face. When online dating, individuals need to understand that the physical chemistry might work when there is an in person meeting. This is why people need to be able to be able to evaluate how authentic a person is so that they do not end up in a relationship that could inflict a lot of pain on them.


Learn How to Read between the Lines


When people date online, most of the communication is done through email or text messages. It is important to be able to read between the lines to effectively communicate. Many people develop problems when they online date because they do not sound interested enough in what the other person has to say. People should also avoid talking too much about themselves without inquiring about the other person’s interests. There has to be give and take so that both people feel as though their point of view matters.


Try Video Chatting


Video chatting can be a great way to make online dating much better. If people can at least see each other face-to-face, then they can converse in a much more personal manner. It can be helpful to establish a weekly meeting time for a video chat so that the dating experience can be more interactive.

Dating Sites

Top 5 Most Used Online Dating Sites

18 Sep , 2014  

If you are like most people, then you are busy, busy, busy and you do not have much time for yourself. Between work, and trying to get enough sleep you don’t have much time left over to socialize with anyone. This is when you need to turn to the top 5 most used online dating sites to do the trick. There are a lot of different sites that are dedicated to finding your soulmate, but sometimes you really need to focus on searching for the best one that will fit your personality and your budget.

Here are the Top 5 Online Dating Sites:

  • Match
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • MeetUp
  • Plenty of Fish

Do not waste time! If you are a person who has had no luck in your life so far, then it is time to take a hold of your own journey and try out one of the top 5 online dating sites.