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How To Get A Girl Everyone Wants

21 Mar , 2015  

In any social circle, there’s always at least one girl everyone wants. While this may be the case, it doesn’t change the dynamic of attraction. If you want to get the ‘it girl’ attracted to you, it’s no different than any other girl. In fact, it might be easier to get a girl that everyone is after than to get an ‘average’ girl.

Before you do anything else, examine your motives. Do you want to get this girl for a legitimate reason? Or do you want to get her attracted to you just because everyone else wants her? If you just want the external validation of getting the ‘popular’ girl, you’re best advised to leave her to her many other suitors. Chasing external validation is a ‘fool’s game’.

If, however, you want to attract this girl for something intrinsic to her, then proceed forward.

Better yet, stop what you’re doing right now and really take some time to learn exactly what it takes to attract the most attractive and most popular girl in any room, get her to date you, and ultimately turn her into your girlfriend.

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Be Yourself And Not Like Every Other Man On The Planet

As is the case with attracting women in general, the right way to get a girl everyone wants is by leveraging who you are and differentiating yourself from the crowd. If you have a good grasp on your identity and live with confidence and purpose, you’re already ahead of the game. It’s essential that you don’t compromise who you are to get this, or any other, girl. It will only serve to erode your character while significantly diminishing your chances to attract her.

Consider how everyone else interacts with the ‘popular girl’. They most likely pander to her by giving her gifts, tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is all the time, and generally go out of their way to be the “nice guy” she can count on at any moment. They may try to impress her with material goods and other superficial things.  This is a great way to get into the friend-zone, but a horrible way to create the type of attraction that will make her want to date you.

The guys who do this are dooming themselves to fail with this strategy.  They’re doing nothing but reinforcing the concept that she is somehow ‘better’ than they are.  At best, she might take advantage of their fealty, but most likely she’ll ignore them entirely outside of friendship.

Don’t Play The Game Like The Rest

If you approach a woman with the right mindset, you won’t put her on a pedestal no matter how popular or stunningly attractive she is. In fact, if you really have a well-balanced identity and sense of self, you may raise feelings of inferiority in her.  While everyone else is fawning over her, you act like you don’t “need” her.

You can’t fake this as a ‘pick up’ tactic. You can only leverage it if you really do exude confidence and vitality. No matter how attractive this girl is, you’re not going to compromise your personal integrity to win her favor.

The irony is that the less ‘needy’ you are, the more likely it is that she’ll start to feel attraction. While everyone else is groveling at her feet and expressing their never ending devotion, you’re not.

You’re nice, but at the same time it’s clear that your personal identity and your direction in life is more important than any girl. What often happens in this situation is the opposite of what her other suitors experience.  There’s even a really good chance she starts to pursue you.

Always Be Your Own Top Priority

The above scenario is how things will likely play out if you have a firm grasp on your personal identity.  It’s not a ‘pick up strategy’, but an observation of what you can expect. The most important takeaway is that you must always keep yourself as your number one priority.

No woman likes a ‘needy’ man while they all find confident men attractive. By keeping your perspective in any romantic relationship, you’ll keep a firm grip on yourself emotionally and psychologically. The fact that you’ll also get the girl everyone else wants is just an ‘ancillary benefit’.



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