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3 Ways To Attract Her Without Words

9 Sep , 2015  

When on the hunt for a girlfriend, or even just a casual hook-up, you may find yourself in a social situation that necessitates attracting the opposite sex without using words. Some websites mistakenly refer to this as “day game” (which actually just refers to picking up women during the day), but I prefer to call it what it is: non-verbal attraction.

Non-verbal attraction is one of the most basic forms of attraction between men and women. It goes back to the dawn of human history. It pre-dates spoken language. It’s honest, it’s forthright, and it’s true.

So what are some of the ways you can catch the eye of a hottie without actually striking up a conversation with her?

Well, you might be surprised to learn there are three chief characteristics women gravitate toward when it comes to non-verbal attraction with a man. The characteristics are actually fairly basic, and due to their simplicity, they’re often overlooked by men who want to attract the fairer sex. But you aren’t one of those guys…

So let’s discuss a few of the ways you can attract her without words. That way you can get the woman you want hooked without even opening your mouth. If you prefer to combine body language with what you say to really flip her attraction switches, then go here for some awesome verbal techniques:

1. Your Smile

It’s not your butt. It’s not your abs. It’s not your biceps or any of the usual things people think of when they hear “chiseled good looks”. What first attracts a woman to a man is his smile.

Most women report that a man’s smile can convey some incredibly complex emotions. It can not only come across as cute, non-threatening, and endearing, but it can also express sexiness, love, confidence, safety, and all sorts of things women find important in the men they want to date.

So work on cultivating your smile, and express your intentions with it. Learn the subtle ways you can communicate thoughts via the corners of your mouth. It’s one of the first things that women look for, and it’s a great way to attract her without words.

2. Stand Up Straight

I know this sounds like a fairly simplistic suggestion, but the truth is, posture communicates more about your personality and your approach to life than you might think. The way you carry yourself says a lot about how you view the world.

If your shoulders are hunched over and your head is perpetually tilted towards the ground, it indicates you don’t have a lot of confidence. A lack of confidence is a big turn-off for most women.

So hold yourself upright, and stand up straight and tall. Show her you’re a confident and capable man who’s not afraid of anything life might throw at him…except cars. You should be afraid of flying cars.

3. Make Eye Contact

Again, this speaks to confidence. Granted, you don’t want to stare at her for an abnormally long period of time. Staring is uncomfortable and might send her running for the hills, and understandably so.

But you do want to make eye contact from across the room, and maybe accompany that with your winning smile which we discussed earlier. The eyes, as we all know, are the windows to the soul. And a woman naturally gravitates to your eyes in order to discern more about both your character and intentions.

So don’t be afraid to show her what you want. Non-verbally, of course.

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